GRM Foreign Trade

GRM Foreign Trade has been founded by Mr. Omer Burak GURMAN in 2004, as a company aiming to set a bridge between farmers and manufacturing companies at the Aegean Region of Turkey and importers, wholesalers and distributors of Mediterranean Delicacies.

At the beginning of the business, GRM was receiving and professionally analyzing orders of customers from all over the world and leading manufacturing companies to produce customer oriented products. As a company policy GRM was not acting as a broker, but purchasing final products from manufacturers and completing all exports procedures in order to have more control on the business and to assure;

  • Best available prices by purchasing products within crop periods in bulk quantities
  • High quality products as per customer expectations / specifications
  • On time shipments
  • Overall shipment organization with preferred shipping line
  • Complete uniform export documentation
  • Deferred payment options
  • Continuous after-sale follow-up starting from delivery of products in the factory to GRM until importer’s warehouse.

In 2004, GRM started to export Olive Oil, Vine Leaves in Brine, Stuffed Vine Leaves and Capers to Australia, Canada, France, United Kingdom and Republic of South Africa by co-operating with several manufacturing companies in the Aegean Region.

In 2005, GRM continued exportation of above mentioned products and managed to increase market share by increasing number of customers. Our customers looking for a greater variety of Mediterranean style products lead us to develop and involve in new product lines such as Sun Dried Tomatoes, Grilled Vegetables, Roasted Vegetables and Fermented Peppers. In the same year, GRM also started transit trade of 88 ml Hot Pepper Sauce (similar to Tabasco and Louisiana Brands) from Jeddah / Saudi Arabia to Yokohama – Tokyo / Japan to be sold in DAISO shops.

In mid 2006, as a company policy, GRM changed the structure of the business by;

  • Reducing GRM’s supplier number and signing contracts (contracted manufacturing) with manufacturer companies providing BRC, IFS, HACCP and ISO compliance.
  • Purchasing raw materials such as Oliv e Oil, Olives, Tomatoes, Peppers, Capers, Vine Leaves directly from villagers and farmers
  • Supplying tomato and pepper farmers with seedlings before plantation and purchasing the crop within the harvest period.
  • Purchasing packing materials such as glass jars, pet jars and cartons from manufacturers.
  • Supplying contracted manufacturers with raw material, packing material and product specifications.

This alteration at the structure of GRM’s business gave the company the opportunity to have more control on production lines in terms of quality and cost control; starting from the fields to importer’s warehouses.

In 2007, GRM started to dry high quality tomatoes in Bergama region of Turkey in its privately owned drying fields and today some significant amount of Turkey’s total production and exportation is being covered by the company.

In addition to Sun Dried Tomatoes, GRM supplies customers with high quality Roasted Peppers and Fermented Peppers packed in retail jars and wholesale tins with a capacity of 750.000 Tins and 2.000.000 jars.

From small beginnings in 2004, GRM has grown to become a little big player in Turkey; as a “full-service” producer and exporter of Mediterranean Delicacies offering “one-stop-shopping” in fine foods to all its customers.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any of your questions, comments and /or recommendations.

Thank you for your time and co-operation. Best regards,

Omer Burak GURMAN
Managing Director