GRM Foreign Trade
Delivery of carefully and conscientiously packed products to customers warehouse is one of the most important commitments of GRM Foods.

It is important to load containers correctly in order to minimise product loss during transportation and to ensure the safety of the personnel in loading and unloading processes.

In this respect, we would like to share our Container Loading Procedures that have prepared within 12 years of experience in foreign trade as follows;
Incorrect Loading Examples can be named as;

1) NEVER load at different heights within the container

2) NEVER load one side of the container and leave the other side empty,

3) NEVER Leave spaces at the sides of the container,

In addition to these incorrect container loading practices, below mentioned procedure must strictly be applied to prevent any failures;

1) Product must be stacked firmly against all internal container walls.

2) Product must be stacked up to the container doors to ensure no movement is possible during transportation.

3) Product must fill the floor area and be packed right up to the doors. If needed, space will be left on top of the container, not on the floor.

4) If retail jars / cans will be loaded, all products will be interlocked correctly throughout the container.

GROUND LAYER - Place cartons onto floor as shown

FIRST LAYER - Place cartons onto top of the GROUND LAYER
in the opposite direction as shown
Repeat alternating rows until desired heigth is reached.

5) In mixed container shipments, larger and heavier products will be stacked on the bottom and lighter products on top.

6) Any space remaining between the product and the walls or doors of the container will be filled with airbags to stop movement during transportation. Netting and binding is to be used at the doors to minimise product falling out when doors are opened.

As GRM, we are committed to stop any shipments not compatible with above mentioned standards as we take safety and our service quality very seriously.

If any container arrives to you that is not packed as per our loading procedures and is found to be unsafe or results in product collapse, we accept to be liable to pay all reasonable costs for;
  • the goods within the container to be safely and correctly unloaded,
  • demurrage costs for any delays during the assessment and unloading of any unsafe container
  • repacking of products due to damaged packaging to meet your requirements for sale or use
  • disposal of damaged and unusable product.