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Packing material and type of the container preferred to preserve vegetables and fruits is almost as important as process method and quality of raw material & ingredients used in a product, as it directly has an effect upon taste, place of usage and final decision of both retail and wholesale food service customers. A cook would prefer a plastic container, due to food safety regulations in industrial kitchens, with an easy-open seal offering a long shelf life – ambient – with no or minimum preservatives used in the product, where a retail customer would like to use a glass jar with a clear complete look and a smaller container that will not need further storage and maintenance.

In this respect, since the beginning of the business, we have always followed up new containers being offered by todays unlimited technological developments.

For instance, in 2006, we have been packing Sun Dried Tomatoes to be used in foodservice chains in plastic containers that were not suitable for pasteurisation process; but potassium sorbate added and a seal used on jar mouth to achieve 18 months of shelf life; where we now import plastic jars that we are able to pasteurise – even sterilise – and offer minimum 24 months of shelf life ambient! Let’s say “Innovation is always better!”.

We pack all the products we offer in;


With an annual production capacity of 5.000.000 jars packed under BRC & IFS regulations; GRM is supplying well known retail supermarket chains in United Kingdom and Australia through our partner companies with many products like Sun Dried Tomatoes in Oil, Semi Dried Tomatoes in Oil, Roasted Red Peppers, Hot & Mild Chillies, Jalapeno Peppers, Pepperoncini Peppers, Capers & Olives. List of retail and foodservice jars together with technical drawings can be examined at
Please contact us to receive detailed information on imported PAR jars.



With an annual production capacity of 2.000.000 cans – mostly A12 (5/1 KG) and A10 (3/1 KG) – packed under BRC & IFS regulations; GRM is supplying many importers / distributors and wholesalers of foodservice. Most popular food service items packed in cans are Whole Roasted Red Peppers, Roasted Red Pepper Strips, Red / Yellow / Green Pepper Strips / Cubes, Sun Dried Tomato Halves in Oil, Grilled Eggplants & Grilled Zucchini.



Being preferred mostly by cooks of industrial kitchens due to glass or metal contamination risks. We offer imported pet jars that are suitable for pasteurisation & sterilisation with long shelf life and free of sorbates. Please contact us to receive detailed information on jar sizes & shapes.



That’s for sure, food
manufacturers are interested in
larger containers to minimise
transportation, packing material
and labour costs. In order to
meet these needs, fermented
pepper (Slice / Whole Jalapeno,
Cardoula, Frenk, Piri Piri,
Macedonian, Lombardy,
Pepperoncini peppers), Vine
Leaves, Caper, Olive & Olive Oil
products are offered in plastic
and/or Steal Drums.